In The Car, Hands FREE! Driving Safely, How?

In The Car

You’re driving along and your phone rings and there’s a cop behind you. What do you do?

  • Pick up the phone
  • Let it ring
  • Go ahead and pull over
  • Call them back later

Driving Safely

There’s many ways to drive safely these days when the phone rings, What ways?

  • Now days most every smartphone has a setting that you can change to let people know you are driving and you will get back to them later.
  • There is a Bluetooth Device called Hum  that comes in very handy. your phone connects to it and you can talk through it and it hangs right on your sun-visor. I have one in my car. If there’s an emergency, you can press a button on the HUM device and it gets a hold of 911. If you had an accident, they could track the HUM Device and get your location. Very cool!
  • There’s Bluetooth Headphones you can buy that go around your ear, your head, and around your neck.

Hands Free

  • In a nutshell- BLUETOOTH DEVICE

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