STORM Weatherproof Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth

Hello Everyone! Let’s talk about a small Bluetooth speaker called Storm. It’s the STORM Weatherproof Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth. Let’s get into things.

Product Overview

  • Price: $49.99
  • Weatherproof
  • Durable
  • Where To Buy: Soul Electronics
  • 8 Hours Of Playtime

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Let’s get back to the topic:

Limited Edition Camouflage Outdoor Sports Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is designed with camouflage street-style for fashionable sports enthusiasts and athletes! New colors: Green Stealth, Blue Force, Red Desert

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Check This Out

Your Perfect Outdoor Companion. Powerfully equipped with SOUL’s signature sound, the STORM offers palm-sized portability that even fits in your pocket. You will also find it perfectly lightweight for your outdoor activities and float-able in case of accidents.


A compact, palm-sized speaker with 5W of output power delivering the full range and lifelike sound. Don’t let the size fool you. The speaker sounds good for the size.

SOUL STORM Weatherproof Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth. Sell at US$49.99 with Free Shipping. Buy Now!

What People Are Saying

I will be honest, this speaker is not going to be the best speaker you have ever bought but for the money, you will pay for it, it’s a good deal and it is a decent speaker. Just being honest.


The conclusion is I do recommend this speaker. As I have stated, it is not the best speaker you’ll ever buy but it will do good for you going camping, walking trails, and going around lakes or whatever. I believe you will like it a lot.

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